Gorgeous Milky Aquamarine Pendant

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Gorgeous Milky Aquamarine and Sterling Silver Pendant, Approx. 1 1/2" long with bale

Aquamarine literally translated means “water of the sea".
It comes from the Beryl family of crystals which gives it its blue color.
This milky crystal has a translucent quality to it and like most other aquamarine stones, is found mainly in Brazil. Another name for the stone is “Brazilian Milky Aquamarine”.

The most significant use of the stone – and one that it is historically recognized for – is its power to mitigate fear and inculcate bravery.
Legend has it that the stone was deployed by soldiers in ancient times to equip them to lessen any feelings of fear or concern on the battlefield so that they could fight with strength and courage without being held back.

In essence, the stone promotes positivity and in doing so, it uplifts a person’s spirits. This is why Milky Aquamarine is an effective aid when it comes to dealing with depression, anxiety, or other stress-related troubles.
Therefore, you would use this stone during times of despair or if you feel like you could simply use a boost in morale.

Each and every one of us was placed on this earth for a particular reason and Milky Aquamarine simply serves to remind you that you are also destined to greatness. The positive influence that the stone has on your personality has the power to completely transform your perspective towards the world for the better. A healthy and positive attitude is the biggest factor for leading a good life and is often the solution to your troubles.

Another good reason to use the stone would be to regain your focus and a sense of direction if you are experiencing a lack of motivation to accomplish your goals. This is why Milky Aquamarine has been used since generations as an aid to help stimulate the functions of the mind, especially to boost concentration, focus, and clarity. If you’re a student or a professional working in a job that requires a lot of brainpower, using the crystal as a healthy stimulant for the mind will help you deliver tasks much more effectively.